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Holly Fearnbach

Marine Mammal Research Director, SR3

Dr. Holly Fearnbach is the marine mammal research director of SR3, SeaLife Response, Rehabilitation and Research (www.sealifer3.org), a marine wildlife health group based in Seattle, WA. For more than two decades she has worked with government (NOAA), NGO and academic research groups on studies to support the conservation of whales and dolphins in US waters and internationally. Holly graduated with a Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen (U.K.) in 2012 and her research currently involves using individual-based data to study the demography and health of whale populations around the world. More specifically, she uses photographic mark-recapture and aerial photogrammetry tools to integrate measures of both individual quality and quantity into status assessments. Her primary study populations include killer whales (endangered Southern resident and Bigg's transient) in the North Pacific, bottlenose dolphins in the Bahamas and Southern California, and killer whales in the Antarctic Peninsula.