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Matt Biggar

Founder & Principal, Connected to Place

Matt Biggar is Principal and Founder of Connected to Place (www.connectedtoplace.com), a strategy consulting firm that supports foundations, networks, nonprofits and government agencies in improving communities, the environment and our quality of life. Connected to Place provides strategic planning, facilitation and coaching services and supports the design, implementation, and evaluation of effective, efficient and impactful place-based collaboratives. Matt writes and speaks about living connected to place and how it alleviates our interrelated 21st century crises, strengthens communities and helps us all live with more happiness, meaning and hope. He shows how regions, counties and cities can support this necessary transition to reorient our lives around the places where we live. Prior to his consulting work, Matt conducted research at Stanford and earned his Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis on sustainability, behavioral science and transportation. Before his time as a researcher, Matt worked for 17 years in public school districts in the San Francisco Bay Area as a high school teacher, principal and district associate superintendent. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mtbiggar/